Tofu are smooth cheese-like curds derived from the processing of soya milk with a coagulant, that are then pressed down into white blocks. They’re often bought in shops water-packed in sealed containers or aseptic cartons.

A staple in Asian cookery, tofu are a really inexpensive but scrumptious and versatile protein supply. They’ve a bland, impartial style and include a spread of texture (silken, smooth and agency), making them simple to include in each candy and savory purposes. Under are my favourite methods to make use of tofu:


  • Ginisang Togi at Tokwa-a gentle but satisfying veggie stir-fry made with tofu cubes and crisp bean sprouts
  • Lugaw at Tokwa-crunchy tofu make a pleasant topping for congee
  • Tokwa’t Baboy-succulent pork items and freshly-fried tofu are tossed in a tangy, spicy French dressing dressing

Listed below are a number of tips about fry tofu:

    • For higher frying, be sure that to empty tofu properly from the packing liquid.  I often wrap the tofu block in a thick layer of paper towels, set it over a wire rack and weigh it down with a saucer or bowl for about 15 to 20 minutes to extract moisture.
    • Minimize tofu in uniform measurement to make sure even cooking.
    • Relying on the recipe, tofu may be pan- or deep-fried. If pan-frying, swirl oil to totally coat backside of pan. Warmth till oil begins to shimmer and add tofu items in a single layer. Enable to flippantly brown earlier than turning to stop tofu from falling aside. If deep-frying,  be sure that the frying oil is of correct temperature to stop tofu from sticking and absorbing an excessive amount of grease. Oil ought to be very popular however not smoking or tofu will burn earlier than absolutely crisping. Use sufficient oil so the tofu floats within the oil. Don’t overcrowd pan and permit sufficient room to simply toss the tofu within the oil to evenly brown.